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Unwaveringly Supportive.

Every application round has only a few memorable candidates. We'll make sure you're one of them.

Explore every stage of our process
Swot Analysis

We dig deep into your background and map out your application strengths and weaknesses – identifying the unique traits that will make you stand out; highlighting singular experiences to spotlight; and strategizing how to address employment gaps, career jumps, and risk factors.

School Selection

We help you decide which schools to apply to, and which rounds to apply in. We help you find the ideal balance between your MBA dreams and your realistic goals, and we never, ever sugarcoat: we always call it like it is.


We’re storytellers who help craft unforgettable personal stories. One of the biggest mistakes we see is MBA hopefuls hitting a single note across their application, positioning themselves as one-dimensional and “plain vanilla.” We, on the other hand, strategize every single essay and application deliverable, always keeping our eyes on the big picture – using every opportunity to showcase an additional side to your personality and background, and making you into the most memorable, multi-layered applicant you can be.

Personal essay strategy

We take however long it takes to help you uncover a gripping personal story, and work tirelessly with you to turn that story into an inspired, unputdownable essay. Our forte is in making your personality and voice jump out of the page, and in crafting a story that will make you stand out in the most competitive MBA crowd in the world.

Career goal strategy

We help you define both the short- and long-term career goals that will make you a desirable and competitive applicant. Here’s a free tip: 90% of MBA applicants want to go into management consulting and/or investment banking post-graduation. The fastest way to blend into the crowd is to discuss the exact same career goals everyone else will. We make sure you always stand out.

Resume strategy

MBA-application resumes are different than any CV you’ve written in the past. Like fine needlework, we pay attention to every single word, in every single line, in every single bullet point.

Recommender strategy

We’re ferociously, incredibly, unrelentingly hands-on with letters of recommendation. Selecting your recommenders and strategizing what they’ll discuss are make-or-break decisions that are too often underestimated and overlooked. This is often where good applicants lose their spot as frontrunners to the MBA program of their dreams, and are then left to wonder what went wrong.

Timelines & priorities

When you apply to multiple schools, you have dozens – yes, dozens – of deliverables to piece together. If that’s not overwhelming enough, you often balance this momentous challenge with a demanding full-time job. We know that, which is why we tailor every step of this process with you – helping you decide which deliverables to start with, setting internal deadlines and timelines to simplify the process for you, and dynamically customizing and adapting to your needs and pace, every step of the way.

Put our heads down and work

We don’t relent until every one of your deliverables is the very best it can be: We review, edit, and comment on your drafts in dozens of iterations. Eli reads every single word you write, many times over. Anything MBA-application-related goes through us – be it essays, letters of recommendation, application forms, and even correspondence with admissions and alumni.

Alumni support

We help you strategize, connect with, and draft support notes from both MBA alumni and current candidates. And, like any other portion of the application, we review every single word.

Interview Prep

We provide extensive interview support, starting with comprehensive interview strategy, through real-time demos and mock interviews, and all the way to helping you pen Thank You notes.

Pre- and Post-interview support

We help you strategize, prepare, and edit pre-interview essays, and we're on-call to deliver real-time support for post-interview essays. And yes, that includes the dreaded HBS reflection essay.