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And we know how to win it.

We’ve amassed over a decade’s experience perfecting Harvard and Stanford applications, and we got over 200 applicants admitted to either HBS, GSB, or both. In fact, over the past 15 years, there hasn’t been a single Harvard or Stanford promotion that didn’t include our applicants.

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We know how to tell inspired, unforgettable stories.

Every application round has only a few memorable candidates. We will make sure you’re one of them.

We’re storytellers who help craft unforgettable personal essays. We take however long it takes to help you uncover a gripping personal story, and work tirelessly with you to turn that story into an inspired, unputdownable essay. Our forte is in making your personality and voice jump out of the page, and in crafting a story that will make you stand out in the most competitive MBA crowd in the world.


Personal. Hands-on. The most responsive in the business.

Applying for the two most competitive MBA programs in the world is like training for the Olympics: you don’t sign up for the neighborhood gym; you seek the most experienced personal coach with proven credentials and a winning streak, who’ll be by your side every step of the way.

That’s us. Every candidate we take on is personally coached by Eli David, Ivy Founder & CEO – ranked in Poets&Quants Top 5 MBA Consultants of All Time, and with over 15 years’ experience mentoring top-tier applicants.

We provide relentless, unwavering support, helping you strategize, conceptualize, build, and edit every single word, story, and deliverable. And, our hands-on, all-inclusive support doesn’t end once you submit your written materials: we provide comprehensive interview preparation, support you through the dreaded Harvard post-interview reflection essay, and even shadow alumni support emails, thank-you notes, and correspondence with admissions.


Wondering if HBS & GSB are right for you? We’ll call it like it is.

We’re straight shooters, and we’ll be outright honest if HBS & GSB is a route worth pursuing for you. We’ve helped applicants who were convinced they didn’t stand a chance go for it and get into HBS and GSB, and we’ve helped applicants who were chasing windmills redirect their efforts and get into other outstanding Ivy-league MBA programs.

Wondering if you stand a chance at Harvard and Stanford?

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Got me into Stanford
Stanford GSB Admit

I always dreamt of joining Stanford. No other school mattered. I knew it was my objective years before I submitted. I contacted David, who already got few of my friends to top schools in the past. Since it was still early, David consulted me on my career moves and timeline. The advice was priceless. I followed his advice and we were in touch all along. David kept reinforcing my confidence and helping me when I had questions. When we started the application process, David knew already how he wanted things to look like. He was confident the whole way. When the amazing news arrived, David was happy as if he got to Stanford himself, but I also sensed he was not that surprised. It really felt he had a very clear plan and knew exactly how it would end up.

I must say that my experience is not unique. Few of my friends here also used Ivy and share the same experience. I truly recommend David and Ivy MBA Consulting for anyone who is aiming high!!

Eli Was My 1st Call After Admitted To Stanford GSB!
Stanford GSB Admit

I reached out to Eli after I received warm recommendations from friends who were accepted to Harvard and worked with him on their applications in the past. At first, I hesitated since I wasn't sure I needed a consultant, but today I am so grateful for their recommendations and for Eli's support and guidance. Eli was the best consultant I could ask for to accompany me in the long application process. He was super professional and to the point, he guided me throughout the application, highlighted important angles, helped me to surface my achievements, and supported me in building a strong candidacy. I recommend Eli without reservation!

Eli Is The BEST MBA Consultant!!
Harvard Business School Admit

Stanford, Wharton, and more, and I couldn’t do it without Eli. I got to know Eli from a couple of colleagues at my work who received offers from HBS and Stanford as well. I had no doubt that I will work with Ivy MBA consulting but had no idea about how significant the added value was. From the first call with Eli, I felt as if he completely understood what I wanted to say and what were my most important strengths. This demonstrated itself later on during the work on the documents. The brainstorming and ideation processes were such that my narrative was much stronger than what I had initially thought. Throughout the process I felt that Eli were fully committed to my success, they were extremely accessible and set up an amazing work atmosphere. I was incredibly happy to call them after each call from the adcom. Thank you!!

Eli is the best!!!
Harvard Business School Admit

Warning: This will be a longer-than-usual review as Eli David was not my first MBA adviser, nor even my second. He was, however, my savior.

Notably, I am usually not the type of person to write reviews for anybody, but my experience with Eli was so overwhelmingly positive, I had to make an exception. I’m still uncertain that 1,000 words are sufficient to describe how much Eli helped me throughout the entire journey and how much I appreciated him. I will do my best.

Before the end of the round-one application process this year, I had already lost confidence in all MBA admission consultants. By that time, I’d spent nearly $15K USD on consultations but had received nearly nothing of value in return. What’s worse, my confidence level was nearly at rock bottom.

I’d first worked with one of the big-name admission-consulting firms during round two of the previous year and had ended up being rejected by my dream school without even getting an interview. I then worked with a top-rated consultant during round one of this year, which turned out to be one of the worst experiences in my life. Simply because I had an average GMAT score and was from an overrepresented applicants pool, the advisor asked me to downgrade my initial school list from M7 to S16 – and forced me to believe I had no choice but to accept.

Making matters worse, the advisor I worked with took between 10 and 15 days to provide feedback on each of my documents, and after just one iteration, he would claim the document was ready to submit. I truly felt as though he just wanted to take my money and didn’t care about me or my success. Worse yet, he always made me feel as though my feedback was unimportant. I was truly devastated.

By this point, I was completely lost – but I was not ready to give up. I called a few more consultants to evaluate my profiles. I distinctly remember that one afternoon when Eli called me almost immediately after I’d written him an inquiry email. He told me that with my unique experience, “You should be sitting in the classroom of your dream school! You are the exact person they are looking for.”

Although I was initially skeptical about what Eli said, my gut told me to give him – and myself – another chance. We quickly came up with a one-school deal for this year’s R1, applying to the program that had previously rejected me without an interview. Understanding my unpleasant experiences with the other advisor, Eli suggested that I work with him on an hourly basis until I gained trust, and we agreed that if I got a good result, we would work extensively on other schools in R2.

I was amazed when Eli decided to change every single document I’d worked on before. He responded within a day to each document I sent him, and he was constantly available to answer all of my questions on WhatsApp. I honestly don’t know how he does it!

One month later, I was absolutely thrilled to be invited for an interview with the school that had rejected me six months prior. Remembering how many times Eli and I went back and forth about my essays, videos, resumes, I am convinced that his timely and insightful feedback made all the difference.

After my initial success with Eli, I immediately decided to trust him again by signing up for a five-school package for R2. Crazy though it may sound, we initially decided for me to apply to the top five MBA programs in the US this time: Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Wharton, Booth, and Kellogg. Throughout this whole process, I continued having doubts about my profile, GMAT scores, and everything else. Eli never let me down, however, and he always encouraged me with positive communication.

I do want to stress that working with Eli was not easy: He is a perfectionist and he will never let you finish with a document until he’s is fully satisfied with it. Meeting his expectations requires a considerable amount of time spent on thinking and writing. In truth, I sometimes felt frustrated, or even angry, when I’d reach my limit on a document and he’d remain unsatisfied. He will always guide you and push your limits so that you’ll achieve what you had previously thought was beyond your abilities.

Though the application process was grueling, Eli’s demands for excellence proved worthwhile in the end: After a two-month wait, I received invitations to interview for all of the five top schools I’d applied for in R2. Eli did an amazing job in preparing me for the interviews, tailoring his guidance to address my weaknesses. I even underwent a five-person practice interview that emulated Wharton’s interview style.

Ultimately, I was admitted to HBS and a few other top schools. (As I write this, I am on the Stanford GSB waitlist – but Eli remains optimistic about my chances). I could not have achieved any of this without Eli.

One final note about Eli: Working with him is not simply a matter of signing up for a service. For me, Eli was effectively a life coach, and his unique perspective on admissions and life, in general, helped me and guided me in the right direction. He is, in my view, the best example of a true college-admissions consultant who not only helps you get into your dream school but always guides you into the next phase of your life.

Thank you, Eli! I will always be one of your biggest fans.

Truly A Differentiated Experience!
Harvard Business School Admit

I chose to reach out to Eli primarily due to the reviews on this site. As a result, I had high expectations, which Eli’s personalized support exceeded, and then some! My experience with Eli was as enjoyable, professional, and successful as all others describe below. But most importantly, I can’t underscore how much I appreciated having a consultant who truly cared about me from start to finish. Sharing the news of my acceptance with Eli was so rewarding – I felt how invested he was in my personal success, for the application process, and beyond.

Both my partner and I worked with Eli in parallel over the course of a year. The care and individualization with which he approached each of our unique processes were incredible. Thanks to Eli’s support, we had our choice of top schools to attend and will both be enrolling at HBS in the fall! We couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome.

Eli is a top-notch consultant, but he also acts as a mentor and trusted confidant for any and all ideas and questions. He differentiates himself in four essential ways (which I imagine would make or break the application experience): 1) Attention to Detail – No stone goes unturned and no sentence goes unscrutinized 2) Flexibility / Approachability – He provides direct WhatsApp access, makes it clear no question is too small, and really means it 3) Directness – His feedback is always actionable, efficient, and unambiguous 4) Speed – Without fail, he always delivers detailed and thoughtful feedback on a document within a day or few days at most, no matter whether it is the first draft or 10th iteration.

Additionally, I was so impressed by how Eli navigated the unique processes of me and my partner. He had an acute sense for our different work styles, navigated our preferences for emotional support, and executed unique and successful plans for each of us despite our differing professional backgrounds.

I can’t recommend working with Eli highly enough!

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