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We only work with the best.

We take on no more than 10 candidates at a time. We’re extremely selective about who we work with, and we only pick the standout applicants who want to put in the work and whose story we’re excited to bring forward.


No essay mills. No two stories alike.

Each and every deliverable we produce is unique, one-of-a-kind, and custom-tailored to make your personal story shine. We tailor our workflow as well, offering a dynamic approach that rallies behind your individual goals, needs, and pace.


Masters of the personal essay.

It’s all about the artistry for us: helping applicants find their voice is the reason we do what we do. Our superpower is helping applicants, initially certain they don’t have a compelling story to tell, write a powerful essay readers can’t forget.


Unwavering. Unrelenting. Hands-on.

No assistants. No associates. No mid-level consultants. Every candidate we take on is personally coached by Eli David, Ivy Founder & CEO, providing one-on-one support, every step of the way. There isn’t a single item in your application you’re left to figure out for yourself, and there isn’t a word submitted that we don’t review, many times over.


We respond in 48 hours or less.

You don’t need to schedule meetings days in advance or go through assistants: Every applicant we take on has a direct channel of communication with our Founder & CEO, seven days a week. You get his personal WhatsApp number, and he replies to your every question, big or small, in 48 hours or less. That’s the fastest response rate among the top 20 MBA consultants, guaranteed.


We take your success personally.

We want you to succeed, and we won’t relent until your application is at its absolute best – no sugarcoating, no cutting corners. Why, you ask? Because you don’t get over 800 applicants into Ivy league MBA programs by skating by.


Crystal-clear pricing. No curveballs.

No surprises. No last-minute extras. No need for advanced math to figure out your final bill. We offer comprehensive, all-inclusive packages with transparent pricing, that encompass every step of your MBA application. We know your application journey doesn’t end once you submit your written materials, and neither does our support. Our packages include interview preparation, pre- and post-interview essays, the dreaded Harvard post-interview reflection essay, and even alumni support emails, thank-you notes, and correspondence with admissions.

We know
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Dec 2022

4 Ivy applicants admitted to HBS in R1!

Dec 2022

6 Ivy applicants admitted to Stanford in R1!

Dec 2022

2 Ivy applicants admitted to Oxford in R1!

Dec 2022

2 more Ivy applicants admitted to Columbia early decision!

Dec 2022

4 Ivy applicants admitted to Chicago Booth in R1!