Even before beginning the application process, I naively thought that I could go it alone without the advice. But from the minute I started working with Ivy MBA Consulting, I understood how significant the consultation and assistance process really was.

I chose to use Ivy MBA Consulting after many recommendations, and after speaking to a lot of people who used Ivy as well as other services. Ivy lived up to their reputation, but moreover, I really felt that there was a whole team supporting me behind the scenes.

In my opinion, Ivy’s secret of success is the commitment and the passion of consultants to help you succeed. No less important is Ivy’s method of having multiple consultants examine your application, who then discuss your case among themselves.

When MBA graduates from leading institutions, with extensive experience in this industry, look at your application and collude to help you, the path to an acceptance letter becomes very short.

Karen and Oren  thanks a lot!