Dear Candidate,

I had planned to open this letter with ” Yaniv, Davey, Oren, Aviv…”, but the number of people from Ivy MBA Consulting who helped me is too long to list them all.

In my eyes, this demonstrates the biggest advantage of working with Ivy MBA Consulting: the incredible breadth and depth of the Ivy team. Not only will you work with consultants who studied in the very programs to which you are applying, but you will also have someone to turn to with every question.

the team was always available to refer me to relevant people in any subject I wanted to explore – whether I was seeking clarification about a program or information about career paths from people with experience in the field.

The understanding of what awaits me after the MBA not only helped me build a better strategy, but also helped me understand where I am going, and to know for myself that I was undertaking the process for the right reasons.

Now that I’m heading to IESE, I am glad that I made the right connections with the Ivy team and other candidates, connections that are the starting point of building my network.

Many thanks,


IESE 2012