The admissions process for foreign MBA schools is complicated. I think that the vast majority of applicants do not have the knowledge or skills to complete it independently.

When I prepared to select a company to help me fulfill the dream, I met with a competing local company and spoke with the manager of a leading U.S. company, but I did not feel that these were the people for the job.

A reference from a friend and a conversation with a former colleague studying MBA abroad led me to leave my contact details at Ivy’s web site. On that same day, Boaz called me from New York. Although I was only shopping around at the time, and I was one of many, Boaz already knew my resume in depth and was patient and attentive to all my questions (and believe me, I had a lot). I knew then that I was talking with a real pro and felt that these were the people to take me all the way. A meeting with Eli over coffee game me the same strong feeling. We were on our way.

Ivy’s team took my life story and made it polished, compelling, and perhaps most importantly – special. In the admissions process, you compete with at least dozens of other good candidates who are like you, and the secret is to stand out from the rest. This, Ivy did perfectly. Also, Ivy’s network of alumni at the various schools was always glad to help, and these connections were yet another unique aspect of the process which no doubt helped the final outcome.

Eli introduced me to Aaron, an amazing person and an uncompromising pro who came from a background similar to mine. Aaron made sure of every word and every comma until we had something that presented me in an excellent way and from every important angle being looked at by the admissions committee.

The GMAT, TOEFL, essays, another draft, another phone call at seven in the morning, a pep talk with Eli, another dilemma with Boaz, more miles, another change in wording. And then the wait.

When I received an invitation for an interview – I was in heaven, but Eli brought me back down to Earth and introduced me to Etti. We prepared for the interviews and I realized immediately that she was a professional with experience and understanding of the “American interview.” When the interviewer asked unusual questions, I tried not to smile before giving the answer, since I had already practiced it with Etti.

Aaron, Eli, Etti, and Boaz – you people are rare and special. Thanks for helping me to accomplish my dream.