Amit and Moti,

The admissions process for MBA is complex, complicated, and requires accurate information. When I started the process, I had no idea how much I had to learn or what I was lacking. How to divide your time, how to write a composition, what is important to emphasize at the various schools?

One of Ivy’s strong points is the ability to work with clients at their level. They adjust the work process, the choice of schools, and the consultant to each candidate. This good feeling is strengthened in that you are not part of a production line. You get personal attention for every question and issue.

I think what made the difference during the process, from my first meeting  until I was accepted at the school, was that I knew there was always somebody to talk to and consult with, someone who was in your position not long ago, with similar dilemmas and difficulties.

Another significant advantage at Ivy was the social network created during the process. Ivy does more than just help you to write essays. They connect you to the Ivy network – conversations with students who are in the same program, discussions with alumni, and talks with the team to help you become a strong candidate.

See you there,