Our process was designed over a decade of experience in assisting candidates with their MBA applications. Our approach is unique—Ivy’s credo is that each step in the MBA application process counts, and therefore, we take each step seriously. The end result is unparalleled. That’s a promise, not a pitch. We’ve constructed a comprehensive, multi-step method that will not only help with writing MBA essays – it will help strategize your entire application from initial idea mapping to thorough execution. Throughout it all, you’re supported by a team of six professionals, each committed to your success.

The Ivy Process

At Ivy MBA Consulting guidance is the backbone of our process, and through your personal advisor, this will be the core of your Ivy MBA Consulting experience. Your advisor will be an intimate part of building your strategy, and they will hold your hand as you begin to generate the components of your application. They know what the best MBA essays look like; what MBA recommendations should contain, and how to best write a resume for MBA applications. Accompanying this core value of continuous guidance. Senior input and building a networking support system. These will lay the foundation for building your success. For example, successful business school essays are the product of thorough research made possible by strong networking allies and guided strategy with experts.

MBA Consulting: Your Personal Advisory Team


If you think there will be too many voices in your head during an already confusing time, don’t fret. Remember: we are in this together and both your advisor and the entire Ivy Team are your biggest advocates. Ivy MBA experts will help optimize each of your applications to tailor fit each school you are applying to. Secondly, each candidate’s portfolio will receive personal input from one of our CEO’s- ensuring that all your proudest experiences, qualities, and academic achievements are brought to light in your MBA application. As there is no limit to the number of iterations per essay, resume, or recommendation, your advisor will stay in close contact with you and a co-founder to ensure your applications meets all standards. Finally, your advisor will send your work to three different editors. While essay editors will check that there are no grammatical or punctuation issues, recommendation editors will actually rewrite your letters of recommendation so that they each have a unique voice.

MBA Application Materials: Our Document Review Process


We believe in our “many eyes, many brains, and many experts” approach: there is no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen – because we all know when to jump in, when to tag in, and when to sit out. We keep your work bouncing around so that nothing falls between the cracks.

In the “Idea Generation” phase, your advisor will walk you through a series of questions that will help lay out your life experiences, big and small. When your advisor gets a good grasp on a number of key stories that have “essay potential”, they will take those stories to the admissions director. Your advisor and the director will go through your overall professional and life experiences and build a strategic career path for your application. Then, they will proceed to walk through every single essay question and allocate stories to these in a way that will highlight your diversity while remaining in line with your overall career path.

Your advisor will build you an outline for each essay, recommendation, and resume so you can start your application process on the right foot. Once you begin creating your content, you will send drafts back to your advisor, who will promptly return the drafts to you with comments and corrections. When your advisor feels a piece of writing is suitable, they will pass it back to the admissions director for review. The director will return the item with final comments and corrections. When the content is finalized, your work will be sent to Ivy’s editors who will ensure the language is grammatically correct and elegant. Sound like a lot of juggling? It is, and that’s why Ivy’s online system will help you keep track of every piece of content you are working on. Our custom system will show you who is working on each document at a given time, and what the status is.

And there you have it. That is our process in a nutshell. Once you’ve sent in all your applications, take a few weeks to rest because we will be back in your life shortly for MBA Interview Prep. Yes, we’ve got experts for that too.