Dear Undecided,

If you are reading this letter, you are exactly at the point I was just several months ago.

I want to recount my personal experience with Ivy MBA Consulting, based on months of working together and on a real belief in their service and its efficiency.

The bottom line, which is most important in the end: This upcoming September, I begin my MBA studies at Stanford University, definitely a dream come true!

At the outset, the application process was completely foreign to me. But thanks to the generous help of Marisa and Gur, and especially the guidance of Michael, my personal advisor, the process became much more structured and purposeful.

My experience with Ivy MBA Consulting fully validated those “on paper” advantages that made me choose them from the beginning:

1. Personal Advisor: From building the strategy and choosing the schools through writing the essays and completing the registration forms,  Michael was there for me day and night. He saw me through the entire process, with a response time that made me forget he lives in San Francisco.

2. Advisor is an MBA: In retrospect, this is perhaps the main advantage of Ivy MBA Consulting. The fact that Michael had been in my shoes just a few years ago, and that he had served on the admissions committee at the university where he studied, enabled him to understand exactly what the universities are looking for and how to build the best strategy for me.

3. Going Beyond Expectations: Essay edits performed by Merissa at short notice over the weekend, mock interviews with Gur, a link to various program’s graduates during the essay writing period and the friendly relationship during the work process – all of these made the work very professional and efficient, but also exceptionally comfortable and pleasant.

I am convinced that I wouldn’t have succeeded in the process without working with Ivy MBA Consulting, and Michael in particular.

The joint work made the difference between being just another candidate to being a prominent candidate in a particularly competitive year.

I got to Ivy through the introduction of a close friend, and I’m happy to pass on the recommendation (with warmth!). I invite anyone who is interested in hearing more to contact me directly.

Tal – February 2009