After years of considering an MBA abroad, I came across an article about MBA studies abroad and about Ivy MBA Consulting in the August 2009 issue of “The Marker”. It all finally made sense, and it was time to take some operative action. it was agreed that I would get back to him after completing the GMAT test. We also decided on two objectives: IMD and the January 2011 Class at INSEAD. Four months later, I got back to ivy, and we targeted one specific target: INSEAD. From this moment on, the pace increased. ivy assigned me a specific consultant, Or, who was an expert on INSEAD. they supported us all the way through, always available to accompany me when I needed him. Or and the Ivy consulting team helped me polish my application and reach an optimal result which matched my nature and career aspirations. The final result included essays that represented me wholly and honestly. The Ivy consultation, guidance and support was also present during the interview phase, and all the way to that long-awaited phone-call…

In conclusion, The Ivy team, closely accompanied by Or, supported me with professionalism and exceptional generosity, making a long and exhausting process into a well-structured, successful one.

Thank you so much,