It took me time to think how to write a thank you letter that could express everything I have to say about Ivy MBA Consulting.

Early in the process you met a “child” in short pants and flip-flops who did not really know what was expected of him or about the process involved, but the same child knew from the beginning that he made the right choice.

I do not know if you remember or not, but throughout our meetings you asked if I had questions and I never had. From the personal attention and the progress of the conversation, I knew that Ivy suited me. But I did not know just how right I was until the end of the process.

As we discussed yesterday, it is true that Michal is undoubtedly outstanding and the bond created between us is strong. But I became familiar with other consultants along the way and so I realized that the entire system stands behind me and pushes me to succeed. During the process, I myself went through an internal process of maturing, realizing that the world outside is different from what I knew. Slowly, and with your great help, I managed to put myself in a different place, and over the course of three months I underwent a few years’ worth of maturation.

Although the road was a bit bumpy, the process resulted in a special bond which I’m sure will continue for a long time.

I wish the guys at Ivy lots of success. There is no doubt that you are doing an important job. I do not call it a dream come true, because for me at least, studying abroad is not the dream but instead a way to achieve your dreams. But you help more than a few people to realize their vision, steer down an unfamiliar path, and integrate into the real world.

Thank you for your help in the past, and I am sure in the future as well.

Have a happy holiday