After hearing warm recommendations about Ivy from a good friend, I had no doubt they should be my partner in the process. But only after working with them did I come to understand how they are true partners and friends for the long run.

Ivy knows how to be there all the way – starting with choosing schools, the way to write applications, and preparing for the journey after being accepted. They always give clear, timely, and good advice. This is a team of professionals who give of themselves all the way, especially when submission dates are approaching and the hours seem to last forever.

It is important to understand that working on an application is labor intensive and challenging. Ivy manages to make the work into a clear and orderly process, so that at each step it is clear how to invest in things that matter most. Also, the support that Ivy provides is nothing short of amazing, and the feeling you have the whole time is that your success is their success.

Ultimately, everything is measured by the result – with the help of Ivy I maximized my chances of success to be accepted at Harvard and Stanford (with significant scholarships.)

Aaron and the editing staff – thanks!