When I decided to apply to a leading overseas MBA program, I had no idea about the challenge I was facing, nor did I imagine the complexity of the admissions process. I got a recommendation from a friend, who was accepted to Wharton, to work with Ivy MBA Consulting. I owe him a lot. 

I’m 100% sure that, without Ivy, I never would have been accepted to MIT Sloan.

Beyond professionalism, effective work methods, and the expertise of Ivy when it comes to the admissions process of the world’s leading MBA programs, there is something really special about working with Ivy – personal attention.

And as long as we are getting personal – Michal, Ori, Dalit and Moran – you helped me fulfill a dream. You gave me round the clock availability, fast response times, support, motivation, and even encouragement when necessary.

Michal, the energy and inspiration you gave me really contributed to my success, and the level of your care was outstanding.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything.


MIT Sloan Class 2013