Now, after realizing the MBA dream, and with one foot in the US, I’d love to share with you the process I went through.

They always say time is money, in my case, this proved to be accurate. From the day I started applying to MBA programs in the US until the moment I got admitted, I went through a swift process.
Within three months I took the GMAT and TOEFL exams and submitted three applications with the help of Ivy MBA Consulting.

Ivy MBA Consulting directed me in a focused manner towards the target. They did so thanks to the consultants’ profound familiarity with the leading programs, the result of their personal experience as alumni. I was already in the school selection stage, so after I explained my aspirations to the Ivy team, they provided me with extensive information about the most appropriate programs, based on the specific expertise I sought.

This focused application, on only three programs which corresponded best to my objectives, brought me the results I wanted. Each of the consultants who helped me along the way learned my story, and, due to their personal familiarity with the process, they identified my strengths and weaknesses. They optimized my application for each school, tailoring it with appropriate specifics.

Despite the short duration of the process, thanks to Ivy MBA Consulting, I acquired vital information that will help me throughout the academic school year and beyond: how to convey my story in a impactful and attractive “American” way, the important highlights for interviews, and, in particular, a vast knowledge of American culture and the proper conduct as part of it.

Ivy MBA Consulting emphasizes maximum availability and tremendous support, and both of these attributes allowed me to reach the finish line quickly, efficiently and successfully! I was accepted at Duke University, the top program on my list!

I’d like to finish with heartfelt thanks to the people who were available to me every hour, every day, and for every request – to my advisor Ronnie, who did his best to ensure my success, who worked tirelessly in front and behind the scenes, who, with his endless devotion and professionalism, always made me feel I’m his only client, time and again.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions!

Good luck to all,