Ivy MBA Consulting: Services

School package designed to get you into your school of choice, covering your process end to end:

  • Complete mapping of applicant stories
  • School selection session
  • Application strategy design, led by company founders:
    • Defines career goals
    • Devises overall approach
    • Identifies strengths vs. weaknesses
    • Selects recommenders
    • Leverages experience of similar previous applicants
  • Unlimited iterations of essays, recommendations, resume, and online forms
  • Complete review of documents by Ivy’s founders
  • Full English-language editing services
  • Interview preparation (90 minutes for the first school; 30 minutes for each additional school)
  • Additional documents and support letters
  • Waitlist campaign management
  • Scholarship applications

Ivy MBA Consulting: Package Prices

1 School Package $4,950 

2 School Package $7,400 

3 School Package $8,950 

4 School Package $9,950 

5 School Package $10,950 

Alternative hourly Service: $390/hr

Should you still have questions or would like to consult on which package is the best for you, we are happy to advise on which package is the right one for you. Feel free to reach out!