My romance with Ivy started in April 2010, when I realized the right way for me to reach an international MBA program. So I met Oren and friends, and I decided to take the journey with them. Although I used to think that XXX was the leading MBA consulting company in the country, I very quickly realized that what is important in this process is the hands on experience that Ivy brings with it.

Because of the short time for the GMAT and TOEFL, we only started the application process in early September. In that short time, we chose schools that matched my career goals and wrote the essays, and then practiced for interviews. Ivy’s staff helped me throughout and fully participated in my graduate admission process.

Oren, Itai, Zvika, and most of all Shahar, thank you very much for your help and support in difficult times. You were more than partners in the process. You were simply good friends and I am sure that we will continue to be in touch in the future.


Berkeley Haas Class of 2013