At the beginning of the process I made ​​a strategic decision to apply only to one school, and when you put all your eggs in one basket, you make sure to really take care of that basket. But even being the best on your own is not always enough. So when I looked for a consulting firm, I searched for one that fit me, my needs, my background and my plans.

Already from the first phone call, I realized that Ivy had a different attitude. Their professionalism and practicality helped me the whole time, and still help me today. Ivy introduced me to Tamar, a consultant who fit exactly, to assist with thinking, creativity, and an ability to tell my story much better than I could myself. She also had the willingness to help even on weekends and late at night, even when I wanted to drop everything and almost give up.

Contrary to what I thought, working with Ivy did not end with sending the application. The team continued with me during preparation for interviews, and even now that I am getting ready for the courses and a career.

Getting accepted to one of the best schools in the world is a marathon. The staff at Ivy is waiting for you at every milestone and make sure that you reach the next milestone as well.