Dear Ivy family,

A story that starts from the end and ends at the beginning.

February, Monday, just before midnight: A cry awakens north Tel Aviv as I read an email from MIT’s admissions committee. I have been accepted! Reality or dream? It is unclear …

July to January: Despite the shortage of time, with the help of the Ivy consultants and experts I was able to submit applications of the highest quality to all the schools I wanted. Wow! It would have been hard for me to do it without Ivy MBA Consulting!  It’s not a simple process, but there were no compromises. Professionalism through to the end, without missing little details on the way.

It is important for me to note that beyond the consulting service, Ivy MBA Consulting gave me a feeling of a family. I knew who to turn to, who to call, who to tell and who to complain to. There is no doubt that the advisors invest in the small things, beyond just the leadership essay.

June: Many deliberations. Any concerns? Of course. I remember well meeting for a cup of coffee. It was obvious Ivy MBA Consulting is selling a high quality service. A network of alumni who know their schools well was exactly what I was looking for. Well come on, we need to get started.

To Yoav, Moshe, Oren, Aaron, Gur, Gary – thank you so much for the dedication, availability and the great work you have done.

I learned a lot about myself and learned a lot from you.

Come and visit Boston!
MIT Sloan