To the Ivy Team,

Let’s start at the end – a big thank you for the professionalism, high involvement, availability and, especially, for the patience and support. The results speak for themselves!

As a very non-traditional candidate for one of the leading MBA study- abroad programs and as an applicant for a seat on a very small and selective program such as IMD, I needed all the help I could get – and Ivy MBA Consulting made the difference between success and failure.

The Ivy team provided a real support group that gave me confidence in my own ability, pointed the way and never let me lose sight of the details, motivated and pushed me when required, and did it all with of the caring touch of people who have been there and know what you’re going through.

You have succeeded in a short time and in the most challenging environment (five weeks in which I plowed three continents), helping me build a high-level application while providing a sympathetic ear and an open-minded approach to the entire process. At every step in the process I felt real commitment from all the staff, and I sensed a real desire for my success. Our relationship went far beyond that of a customer and a service provider – the personal care was truly unique, sincere and meaningful for me, something that fits my work style and made me reach my full potential.

Thanks to you, Shirley, little Yaara and I are getting ready to move to Switzerland with great anticipation and high excitement for the upcoming school year at IMD and the opportunities that have been opened for us.

Continue on!

IMD 2010