I got to Ivy MBA Consulting following a warm introduction from a different company. The truth is that, at first, I did not understand why I needed the help. But when I started working with Nissan, I realized that I was dealing with a valuable asset. The consulting and guidance I received from them made the difference between a collection of confused essays with no direction, and a neat and coherent application that accentuated my strengths, and allowed me to achieve the goal – to be accepted at the only school to which I applied.

The personal support I received, the involvement and caring, made ​​me feel that there was always someone to trust, and that I was not alone in the process. Although most work was done at night and under short deadlines, at every step there was someone to give me advice and with whom to debate. At any given moment I felt that someone was thinking along with me, and in my opinion this is the greatest advantage of working with Ivy.

Nissan – to me you are not only consultant, but partner in the whole journey. Thank you for everything!