Yoav, Aaron and everybody who helped us to be accepted:

First of all, many, many thanks for the advice and support during the process! You helped us accomplish something we feared was impossible, to be accepted as a couple at a top-rated MBA program. We were each admitted to two of the three schools to which we applied!

We came to you a little desperate after another consultation process. We quickly realized we were dealing with a different kind of people: honest, serious, caring and highly invested in our success! You successfully transformed a long and tiring process into a pleasant and enjoyable one :). All along, we felt that your system perfectly supported the achievement of our goal. The consultants understood our difficulties, knew how to connect to our world and, by so doing, they advised us on the best and most efficient way to achieve our dream!

The Ivy experience was intimate in a way we thought wasn’t possible. We got the feeling that everyone at Ivy MBA Consulting was involved in our essays and that they all worked extremely hard to get the best out of us. So intimate, in fact, that once we’d been accepted, my advisor was one of the first people we both wanted to tell (just after the family).

In short, we are extremely satisfied with every hour we spent in consultation with you and feel that Ivy MBA Consulting provides an excellent network of support, consultancy and guidance!

Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Ofer and Sivan