This upcoming August, I will be attending the top-tier business school of my dreams in the United States.

If you’re undecided concerning consulting companies, understand that this is an important decision. During my first conversation , I immediately felt that the Ivy method is the right way to do it. The fact that all of the advisers went through the admissions process, studied at the schools and are very familiar with the U.S. market just sold me on the “Ivy way.”

Indeed, I wasn’t wrong. Yet the following months were not easy, filled as they were with essays, resumes, recommendations and interviews, as well as the general atmosphere of pressure. But the team at Ivy MBA Consulting accompanied me throughout this stressful period and provided an excellent service. Add to that the personal attention, caring, flexibility and full transparency on the Ivy side and you get a winning combination. 

I have no doubt that Ivy MBA Consulting is the number-one company in the field.