Six months after registering for the GMAT, I’m happy to say that I was accepted to the program that I wanted the most.

The difference between Ivy and other firms was easy to see from the start. Instead of dealing with the micro issues, Ivy built a strategy to see how every part of the application puzzle fit to form a complete picture in the candidate’s favor. I want to thank everyone who helped me with my application, on the phone at eight in the morning and 1 at night, because the muse keeps odd hours. Moran – her willingness to help at any time and with the fastest response to questions and concerns, the overall vision that helped me strengthen my application. And finally, Gary, who made ​​the final product to be not less than perfect.

For the investment, the conversations in the wee hours, the rapid response, and for work on holidays, vacation, on weekends, and for basically everything,

Thank you,