Dear Readers,

If you, too, have been dreaming for years of obtaining an MBA abroad, you certainly know that the road is not simple. It’s not enough that you have a good story and good grades, you need to know how to sell them. The process is long and demanding, and like the GMAT, it’s not something you want to pass more than once. For this very reason, I recommend working with a consulting company. And when choosing a consulting company, I urge you to do as I did, and look for a professional and caring firm. That’s exactly what I found in Ivy MBA Consulting.

Professionally, as MBA graduates the Ivy consultants are thoroughly familiar with the admissions process. Having experienced it firsthand, they know exactly what you’re going through – this makes all the difference. In addition to your close personal advisor, you have access to Ivy’s extensive advisory network, which is drawn from all the leading schools. This vast pool allows you to apply to any of the top schools in an optimal way.

The process with Ivy MBA Consulting was quick, efficient and flexible. It took into consideration my schedule and provided great availability as the application deadlines approached. I was very impressed with the deep involvement on the part of the team, the Managing Partners; throughout the whole process I received serious and fast replies on any topic, and I always felt that I had someone to talk to.

On the personal side, the work process was accompanied by a sense of caring and enthusiasm.  I felt that my success is the success of the Ivy team, that these are people who measure performance on a personal level, beyond the statistics and numbers.

A huge thanks to my advisor, Aaron, who I found to be an artist of applications and strategy! At each stage he knew exactly what was needed, from writing essays, to preparing for interviews and even to receiving a scholarship. As evidence, I was accepted at MIT, at Wharton (with a scholarship) and, finally, at my dream school – Stanford!

The admissions process requires high commitment, with a lot of investment and hard work on your part. There is much to do in order to make it efficient and get the most out of it – and choosing a suitable consulting firm is one of the important steps for its success!

For me, Ivy MBA Consulting was an excellent choice, and I am happy to join the many recommenders!

You are welcome to contact me with any questions.

I wish you a lot of success!


Stanford GSB Class of 2012