To the Entire Ivy MBA Consulting Team,

First of all, thank you, you made my dream come true!

When I first started the process, the dream of studying for an MBA abroad seemed like a distant fantasy, but thanks to you that fantasy became a happy reality.

From the first moment you believed in me, even at times when I lost faith in myself.

You knew how to guide me to the schools that best fit my personality and my aspirations, while I was attracted to the brand name and not the culture of the school.

You were always there for me with abundant patience and knowledge, to answer any of my millions of questions.

You knew when to spur me to work on my essays, and when I was totally fed up with them.

You helped me build a great strategy, and, more importantly, implement it so well that I was not only admitted to Ross – my  first choice – but I even received a full scholarship!

In short, it was just a pleasure to work with you, learning from your experience and in general being part of a wonderful bunch of people who comprise Ivy MBA Consulting.

I hope that more people will be smart like me and put their future in your skilled hands.