Dear Aspiring MBA student,

See this testimonial as a double recommendation for double success.

In a not so easy step, my partner and I decided not only to get into an MBA program in the US, but also to a top-ten program, and at the eleventh hour.

Ross, here we come!

For such a task, one needs to build a winning support team, which is exactly what we did.

Against almost impossible odds, in a year where the competition was unusually difficult and in the face of a grueling schedule, we successfully met the challenge. We were accepted by more than one program, including scholarships.

We attribute this success primarily to the professionalism of the Ivy team – the consultants with whom we worked, Lior and Limor. Their firsthand knowledge, outside the box thinking, immediate responsiveness and, above all, their caring approach provided the guidance and support we needed during this challenging process.

If you are debating whether to get assistance and from whom, we can wholeheartedly recommend the Ivy team. 

Packing as we speak, 
Michal & Noy
Go Blue!