I got to Ivy two and a half weeks before the deadline for the third round for INSEAD(!) following the recommendation of a friend. It was pretty grim – my application was far from complete, I was in the middle of a crazy project at work, and after many contradictory comments from friends about the compositions, I felt quite lost even about the direction of the application.

But from the first conversation with the team, I was able to relax and make some order of my life. They could provide a professional team that would be flexible for my needs and help on a strategic level (the direction of application) and at the editing stage. They introduced me to Amir Segal – a brilliant graduate of INSEAD, who was focused yet pleasant. He reviewed my compositions and made sincere recommendations about the changes required, and without trying to boil the ocean. Amir gave me some insight about the INSEAD admissions process and was able to emphasize exactly the features that the school was looking for in an essay. After making the changes, the essays were sent to the editing staff, which did wonders by reducing the word count and improving the language (and I have excellent English). The Ivy team was there for me at all times, not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well.

I can only say thank you!