What is an MBA Consultant?

An MBA consultant is a strategic advisor who guides you through the process of applying to a competitive MBA program. With you every step of the way, the MBA admissions consultant understands your application, your potential, and your career goals and helps you select target schools based on this. Working with you on a regular basis, through phone calls, meetings, and ongoing emails, your MBA advisor will refine your application with you, continuously sharpening your writing, and strengthen your interview skills. When it comes time for acceptance letters, your personal MBA consultant will be as invested in the outcome as you are.


Why use an MBA Consultant?

Applying to MBA programs can become a daunting task, especially if you have your eye on the more lucrative programs in one of the prestigious colleges and universities. The stakes are high and the acceptance standards are even higher. Even highly talented, academically-gifted applicants may fumble their application process on one point or another. It is very difficult to shine all across the MBA application process. You might be great at writing essays, but stress out on interviews. The fact of the matter is that, today, MBA application is an art form. It requires careful planning and strategizing, from choosing the right schools for you, constantly honing your writing skills and editing your resume and essays accordingly. There are many great MBA applicants out there. An MBA consultants job is to make sure you are not just another great applicant, but the best applicant you can be.


Does using an MBA Consultant makes a difference?

In short, yes. With over a decade of experience in the MBA admission consulting business, Ivy MBA Consulting is well versed in the MBA application process. Just like you would want to make sure your No. 2 pencil is as sharp as it gets when you take your exams, you would want to make sure you are as sharp as it gets when it comes to your MBA application. We are here to sharpen you up. When you apply to MBA programs, the last thing you want to do is to take a chance on your application only to learn that what you thought would work ended up not working. Using an MBA consultant as part of your application process will help ensure that all of your abilities and advantages shine clear and bright on your application on your first try.


How does Ivy MBA Consulting choose its MBA consultants?

Ivy MBA Consulting takes its hiring process very seriously. Many of our consultants have graduated a top MBA program, like Harvard, Wharton, Stanford or Kellogg. Not only that, each MBA advisor needs to be doing something exceptional now, and understands the ropes of navigating business school –  from application strategies to success while in school, to finally applying skills in the real-world after graduation. At Ivy MBA Consulting, we will match you with the best MBA Consultant for you.


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