I made the decision to register for studies quite late. Sometime in July I put out some feelers and started to understand the process that was before me. Not long after we met  and after recommendations from friends, I realized that Ivy would be the right company to work with.

In a short time I had to do the GMAT and TOEFL, select the schools, write essays, get recommendations, travel to universities, and, of course, work in parallel. Ivy’s staff was with me the whole time. They directed me towards the most suitable schools. They matched me with consultants who not only provided great value during the writing phase, but who also invested the effort to adapt themselves to the short deadlines that more than once led to late nights. They connected me to students at various schools. They provided yet more reviews on my compositions and more editing sessions. But above all else, they gave me support and encouragement when it seemed that the process would never end.

When the time came for interviews, Ivy did not abandon me. They prepared me well with dry runs and even some tips.

And then came the answers … three out of three acceptances! The excitement was shared by all the members of Ivy and by the consultants as well. They all really became good friends of mine.

Amir and Shahar – much thanks for everything!