15 different compositions, 8 busy months, 5 schools, 5 interviews, 5 letters of acceptance due to one source – ivy MBA Consulting.

I started this whole process over a year ago, without knowing exactly what I wanted or what I needed to do. the team were there from the beginning and helped me understand my professional goals, the right strategy to reach them, and which schools were the most suitable for me. Because of them, I also managed to build a network of contacts in universities and understand in depth the potential of each university. Yaniv and Motti, who joined me a little later, helped me to formulate and refine this thing called “the life of Liron” in clear compositions that also met the word limits. This process was not simple at all, and sometimes frustrating and exhausting, but Yaniv and Moti were there every step of the way. They were not only highly experienced professionals, but also provided a sympathetic ear and were supportive in times of crisis and at critical junctions.

It is clear to me that, without their assistance, support, and friendship, the journey would have been longer and more difficult, and with different results. It is also clear to me that through this process, I acquired additional connections that will help me in the future. To each and every person who wants to join this experience, I recommend taking Ivy along. Your experience is sure to be wonderful, enriching, and most importantly – successful!