Dear reader,

Applying to study abroad is a challenging task. Not so long ago, I undertook this project with much enthusiasm and little knowledge. Where to start? What stories are suitable for the essays? What to emphasize? Which school to apply to?, I discovered the answers to these questions and many others through a joint effort with Ivy MBA Consulting, and I’m happy to share some of what I went through.

The application process requires knowledge, experience and acquaintance with American culture, which I lacked. In retrospect, I was not even aware of what I did not know :). Therefore, I needed the help and guidance of a consulting company. I checked a few options: Ivy MBA Consulting and other local and U.S. consulting firms. I worked with each of them for a short time to get some first impressions; needless to say, I chose Ivy MBA Consulting. Only Ivy offered consultants who are graduates of U.S. programs – some even worked on their school’s admissions committee. Ivy assigned me an advisor who was my fellow countrymen, one who could really understand where I was coming from. Why did I choose MBA graduates? Only alumni really know the American mentality, the way a candidate is required to display his skills and those important little details that make all the difference. From the beginning, Ivy’s consultants demonstrated more professionalism, support –and – most importantly — humanity than any of the other consultants.

It is clear to me that I made an excellent choice. I worked closely with an artist and master of applications – Michael. Just as important were my direct interactions with Gur and Aaron – all wonderful people who helped me focus my efforts and reach my best. Above all, I always knew that I had a sympathetic ear for all dilemmas and difficulties that pop up through the process – from people who had been there and knew the answers. I strongly recommend Ivy MBA Consulting!

See you at Stanford,