Life is full of decisions. What kind of job to take? What degree to study? See Avatar in three or two dimensions?

The decision to study for an MBA in the United States was easy for me, but the obstacles were severe. I knew that to be admitted to a quality program and fulfill this dream, I would need a world-class partner. After review of the different firms, I found one with a clear competitive advantage. The choice was obvious, but working with Ivy MBA Consulting pleasantly surprised me time and again.

Ivy’s consultants are people of the highest level, yet they are caring and personally invested in your success. After working with Ivy MBA Consulting and applying to four top-ten universities, I was accepted at Kellogg and MIT. Fortunately, even in moments of choice, Ivy MBA Consulting was beside me.

I am convinced and confident that working with an MBA graduate critically changes the work process and significantly improves the odds.

I want to thank ivy for the sympathetic ear and exceptional cooperation.

Yoav, Moshe, Oren and Dave, thank you, you’ve helped me realize my dream!