Life is full of decisions. Which job should I take? Which degree should I study? Should I watch Avatar in 2 or 3D?

The decision to study for an MBA in the USA came quite easily to me, maybe even too easily, but the obstacles were significant. I knew that if I wanted to get into an excellent program and fulfil a dream, I had to have a seriously excellent partner. After examining the companies available in the market, I discovered there was one company that had a clear competitive edge. So choosing Ivy was obvious, and yet their work kept surprising me every time.

The Ivy consultants are of the highest professional standards, and yet they also show care and compassion. After finishing the long process and applying to four out of the top ten, I was accepted into both MIT and Kellogg. Luckily, Ivy was still there for me when it came time to choose.

Now I am absolutely confident that working with an MBA graduate critically changes the entire process and significantly enhances your chances.

I want to thank this team for his attentiveness and rare cooperation.

Yoav, Moshe, Oren and Davie, thank you so much, you made my dream come true!



MIT Sloan, Class of 2013