When I came to the idea of studying for an MBA abroad, I didn’t know how much work the process would require prior to the submissions. I thought, so okay, I did the GMAT, what else was there to do, scribble 6 silly essays? I had a month until the deadline, so I opened the questionnaire thinking I’d be done with it in two or three days and get rid of the burden. In the beginning I was still optimistic, vigorously clicking away on the keyboard, but it wasn’t long before the phrasing became too complicated and I got confused by the English, and what was essential to include and what was insignificant… Soon enough I wasn’t clicking away but slowly hitting the keys until I was completely blocked.

I immediately understood that I had reached a dead end and that without professional help, I wouldn’t even make it to the second deadline. I contacted Ivy MBA Consulting, and a powerful line of communication was immediately opened. we met over a cup of coffee for a friendly, nonobligatory conversation, and knew right away I had found my saviour. He immediately understood my situation, paired me up with a consultant and completely rearranged my life for the remaining month.

Ivy’s strategic approach is similar to sculpture. They take an unpolished stone, examine it from every angle and somehow understand how to turn it into a work of art that will bring out its unique colours and facets.

The sculpting work itself I did with Moti’s help – an amazing, fast paced consultant who’s always to the point – and so the 6 essays slowly turned into a work of art. They were no longer simply bland articles with little connection between them, but one coherent story that contained my all – my professional and personal histories, hobbies, strong points and weaknesses, full of detail and anecdotes, vibrant, fluent and interesting.

The result could not have been better! I am writing these lines while at INSEAD in Singapore, an official ‘class of 2011’ student, as happy as I could be, and thanking the brilliant people at Ivy time and time and time again for their amazing work!


INSEAD, Class of 2011