Over the last nine years, Ivy MBA Consulting has worked with hundreds of clients, of which more than 90% were admitted to at least one of the world’s foremost business schools. Many of our clients even secured significant scholarships to such renowned institutions as Harvard Business School, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Chicago Booth, and Kellogg—just to name a few. While the stats speak for themselves, we are very proud of the “Ivy way” and not just the results. Our innovative model and off-the-charts customer service help make our clients’ dreams come true. So as you choose an advisor, remember you’re picking someone to help launch you on one of the most significant journeys of your life.


Show Don’t Tell

Admission success rates should be central when you’re looking for the best MBA consulting firm, which is why we openly publish ours. However, it is much easier to declare a high success rate than to prove one. Ivy MBA Consulting was the first admissions consulting firm in the world to use a Big 4 accounting firm to verify its success rate. After an in-depth verification process, Deloitte confirmed both the 91.2% success rate and $2,194,000 in total scholarships of Ivy MBA Consulting in 2014/5 application season.

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