I’m writing this letter with the advantage of time passed and the perspective it allows, to express my overwhelming gratitude and appreciation for my dear friends at Ivy (like  Amnon Ron). I have already been accepted into one out of the three schools to which I had applied, and am now waiting to hear from the other two.

In the other letters on this page you can read about the great qualities of these friends (and I read each one of the letters, it’s all true), but within this limited space, I’d like to tell you a little bit about Ivy’s professionalism.

Ivy understand the material they deal with, and deal only with the material they understand. Not once did a member of Ivy counsel me regarding a subject on which he was not an expert. When they wanted to be two hundred percent sure about something, they would immediately operate a lineup which included dozens of consultants and acquaintances in order to thoroughly investigate every last detail of the subject at hand. It was experiencing daily professionalism, every hour and every minute, in every issue and matter at hand.

Ivy take their profession very seriously and put into it everything they have. Like the basketball player who knows any minute on the court could be his last, they never allow themselves to waver, to quit in the middle, to lose focus or work only when they “feel like it”.

Together, we identified the direction, set out goals, established priorities, dealt with quite a few obstacles (and you’d be surprised how many of those occur along the way…) in creative and original ways and mapped out the path to achieve these goals. It is a professional, skilful, alert and patient team. One that knows how to rapidly adapt to new situations, to work under extremely tough schedules (extremely tough? try impossible, when you’re talking about two submissions on the same day in the exact same time!), and still stay focused and sharp, with both legs on the ground, never losing their heads.

And real professionalism, did I mention that?


UCLA Anderson, Class of 2013