Not to sound like I’m exaggerating but Ivy is I think THE best in the industry due to some simple yet niche and under-appreciated reasons.

Having researched many MBA admission companies prior to signing on to Ivy, I found it was the only company that seemed genuinely on my side. Talking to Eli and his team I really felt that what would be a win for me would really be a win for them too. I wouldn’t be just another number or client. Call me a cynic (an effect of working in a hedge fund so many years maybe!) but many consultants out there seem to lose their enthusiasm once they collect their upfront fees and you are left chasing (what I’ve also heard from others). Not the case at all with Ivy. They are equally committed before/during/after application/admission.They are also the only firm that give you a school by school breakdown of their acceptance rate – very very specific and a confidence booster. They know every top school well.

They gave me a honest yet realistic assessment and were like my close confidants and friends throughout this emotional and taxing process. They approached my application in a novel way. I had a long brainstorming session (but really a long chat) about my background, life, goals and motivation. They helped me see and flesh out stories that even I would not have imagined would be relevant for an MBA application. Many candidates have numbers and stats, but this ‘art’ part of the application is the real differentiator. This enabled me to punch above my weight and get into my dream school.

I recommend them highly