As every great achievement in my life, the MBA journey was not a solo flight, was rather a team work and it would never end up successfully without IVY.

I started my MBA journey as anyone else, having GMAT as the first challenge, though I only scored 690, considered a low score for a top b-school, I knew that my background could play big role on my application, but only if I had a good consulting company to capitalize these achievements into my essays, that is when I found Ivy.

Ivy stands out among other consulting firms mainly because of its transparent statistics that gave me confidence about their expertise and after the first contact with them I was sure that that was the right team to work with.

The application process was a breeze, as foreigner engineer writing in English was never an easy task but working together with a diligent advisor and an experience staff made the writing process seems easy. The Ivy team knew exactly which words I should use for each school and also which part of my history should we talk about. Ivy experience and work ethic were imperative for my success.

Another upside of choosing Ivy, compared to the other consulting firms, is that they take care of you from the school choice through the university enrolment, leaving no gaps throughout the process, and this is extremely helpful since this journey does not finish at the send button.

I totally recommend Ivy to anyone pursuing an MBA, I have no doubts that they will push you into a top b-school, as they say, numbers don’t lie.