Secret of my application success 

I just wanted to share my application experience. After getting a good score (740) at GMAT, and other aspects of my applications sorted (GPA 3.6/4.0 and good set of extra-curriculars) I thought that the admissions were in the bag. But the biggest hurdle was the application essays.

Not taking any chances, I decided to get help of an admissions consultant for my essays. After an extensive research I decided to go with – a boutique consulting. I chose them because they were:

  1. Exclusive – each consultant works only with a couple of candidates at a time
  2. Transparent – They had the admission statistics posted on their site (

When the brainstorming sessions started, I realized how important it is to have somebody who knows the process, and has been through a top-school, to listen you out, and select the ‘most-likely-to-hit-the-mark’ stories of your life.

My biggest surprise came, when one of their consultants reviewed my first attempt at the INSEAD essays; I thought I had written a great first set of essays, but Marina, the admission consultant, told me that it was not the way b-school essays are written – with limited word limit, the essays are not an exercise in creative write but a limited space for showcasing the right story in the most succinct style. She provided feedback and reviews till they were perfected (sometimes taking upto5 iteration,) after which they were submitted to the Ivy Board – panel of experts who review the whole set of application to see if they bring out a coherent and compelling story. Then we incorporated their feedback as well.

The result after much iteration was a set of well-written, precisely worded and interesting to read essays that really portrayed ‘my’ story. I am still proud of them and they gave me confidence for interviews and assessment day which ensued. I also had great help on how to interview and Itai, an interview consultant, a top-mba grad and a director at a Telecom company, really explained how an interviewer thinks. The sessions with him really changed the way I approach my interviews.

Ivymbasconsulting cunsultant  advised me during the whole process, and gave me confidence even when I thought I would miss deadlines. He is now advising me on how to approach scholarship at IMD (my chosen b-school.)