Oded, Moran, Itai, and Gur,

I have no words to describe the investment and persistence of the Ivy team throughout the way.

I did not understand what I was getting into when I decided to apply only three weeks before the deadlines.

You assigned the best people to help me successfully navigate this stressful process. I was supported by three consultants, who worked with me on my admissions process simultaneously. Each stood by my side 24 hours a day.

this team was my emotional support, I do not think a day passed during those three weeks when we didn’t talk at least once, sometimes late into the night, and you remained my sounding board in the months that followed. You were there to hear all my dilemmas and difficulties. You made sure that I had amazing team members on short notice.

Oded, you changed this difficult and stressful period to a fun one. I didn’t think I’d smile even once during the process, but you made it possible.

Moran, you are an a-m-a-z-i-n-g writer, transforming each boring line into a work of art.


Itai, you gave me the discipline to meet schedules and helped me forge ahead with full vigor.

Gur, thanks to you I arrived for each interview fully prepared. Many thanks for the investment and for listening afterwards.

It is fun joining the already large Ivy family – you shared my joy and were there for me during the tough moments.

Thank you for helping fulfill my dream!

Chicago Booth (Class of 2012)