A year ago, when I had just begun to become interested in an MBA abroad, I didn’t really know much about the process. What do you need in order to get admitted? To which schools should I apply? What score should I aim for on my GMAT? How do I write an application in English?… A friend recommended Ivy MBA Consulting, a company that would guide me from the very first day of the process and until the day I travel abroad for the second degree.

After meeting for the very first time, I understood that this was a “company” like no other I had encountered before. From the very first moment, their approach was personal as well as professional, as they guided me through every step of the process: They made me realize why an MBA was even important to my future, counselled me regarding the schools that best fit my profile, introduced me to many students and alumni from the best universities abroad, and of course, paired me up with an excellent team of consultants (led by the amazing Shirley Behar, a Chicago Booth graduate herself) – without them I would never have been able to submit the best application possible. Shirley and the team were there for me 24 hours a day, including Saturdays and holidays, so I could meet the early deadline. Apart from the professional guidance, they also supported me through times when my motivation and will were not at their strongest.

Today, even after I was admitted into Chicago Booth on the first round, I’m still benefitting from the team’s experience, as they help me with the preparations toward the program, and connect me with the University’s students and alumni. I have no doubt that my relationship with the people at Ivy will only grow stronger as I depart for my studies. I can wholeheartedly recommend you put your faith in the Ivy team and they will lead you to the best universities in the world.

Good Luck!!


Chicago Booth, Class of 2013