Soon I’ll begin Wharton/Lauder’s combined MBA/MA program, which is not only one of the best programs in the world, but more importantly, best suited for me. It’s important to add that before meeting with Ivy, that program wasn’t even on my radar; they were the ones who made me realize how right it was for me and the ways in which it will shape my future. Sometimes all you need is a little shove in the right direction to reach the most amazing places you never even thought possible. And that gentle shove is priceless.

A lot has been said about your professionalism – and of course it’s all true, Ivy has transformed consultancy into something almost scientific. A lot has also been said about your intimate approach and that is all true as well – the support I received from my consultants during the tough moments was no less than pivotal.

But beyond all that, when I chose Ivy I was unaware of what couldn’t be clearer to me now – I have chosen a real partner for the journey. A partner that sees me as a human being, that wants to help me build a successful future and not only help me gain a second degree; a real partner that will rejoice in my happiness and join my frustration when I’m struggling, that will do absolutely everything (almost as much as me) to attain the best result.

Assa and Aaron – I gained through this process much more than counselling, I gained true friends. You guys rock!

Gil, Wharton/Lauder, Class of 2013