To the Ivy Team,

I’ll start with the good news: I was accepted at the Melbourne Business School! 

I have only one word to say to you: Thanks!

Well, actually three words: Thanks very much!

When I first turned to  Ivy MBA Consulting, I thought the documents for my applications were almost ready, and I just wanted to get confirmation that everything was OK with the essays I’d written. After your feedback, which was very concrete and accurate, I realized I would have to invest much more time and write all the essays again. During the busiest week in my life, you guided me through the hard work of rewrites and repairs. I certainly had not expected to invest so much effort, but in the end, I was amazed at the work we did together. Assaf, the advisor with whom I worked, responded almost immediately to every e-mail and every correction or rewrite, and his responses were always clear and sharp. Assaf also referred me to a recent graduate from the school, who helped me a lot and answered all my questions, so I was equipped with in-depth information about the nature of the school, far beyond what I had read dozens of times on the website. As you already know, the hard work has paid off big time.

Now that I have calmed down a bit from the excitement, I have only a few more months to prepare for the experience of a lifetime: Australia here I come. 

Melbourne Business School Class of 2010