Noa and the ivy Team,

The MBA has always been a dream for me, but as soon as I started the application process I realized that it was not an easy path.

At the time I was one of the many technical professionals that looked at the MBA as a way to extend their skills and open more opportunity for a career and industry switch.
But being one of the many, doesn’t make you unique enough to get into the top MBA programs I was targeting.

A very good friend of mine put me in contact with you and within a short, but very intense, period you were able to discover those unique points of my background that I myself didn’t consider. Your ability to find this uniqueness was crucial, and as result I was accepted at both the schools I applied to: INSEAD and London Business School.

On the personal side you also helped me understanding more accurately what my real long-term goals were, much higher than an industry switch or career jump, and this strengthen even more my commitment to them.

Time was not playing in our favor, with less than 4 weeks to review the entire application. Your dedication during the different stages of the application was admirable. All this working remotely, showing the great flexibility and adaptability of your skills.

The quality control over my application was incredible. Everything was strategized and reviewed over and over to be sure that I was taking no chance. And indeed so it was!

Thanks guys, I look forward to, one day, meeting with you face to face and shake the hands that were of such great help during this important moment of my life.

Filippo De Montis
INSEAD Class of 2012