What impressed me from the very first moment at Ivy MBA Consulting was their unique personal approach. The admissions procedure is a very personal and deep process, one that is meant to bring out the best from the applicants. As far as I was concerned, in order to undergo such a deep and honest process of self examination, I needed to feel comfortable and open with the people working with me. they gave me that feeling from our very first meeting. The personal guidance wasn’t a random, fleeting thing, but something that persisted throughout the entire process and even afterwards, whether it was during conversations, meetings or counselling sessions that went far beyond regular working hours.

A special thank you is of course due to my consultant, Lior Ben Yaakov, who knew how to bring out the best in me and wouldn’t compromise on anything less. I’d like to thank also the rest of the Ivy consultants that helped and supported me, each one with his own special expertise, in order to make the final product the best it could be. Thanks to all of you, I learned so much from the process itself that by the time I received the thrilling acceptance letters, I felt as though I had already gained so much. If you ask me, at the end of the day – it’s true we all go through the process for the results, but I feel that thanks to ivy I gained so much from the journey itself.

Thank you,


Chicago Booth, Class of 2013