February 2011. After four letters of acceptance from the four schools to which I had applied, it’s time for me to take my hat off, and big time. I have no doubt that the result is not coincidental – observing Ivy’s work method and personal approach, one immediately understands that their success is almost inevitable. Their approach makes a world of sense considering that the MBA admission is such a personal process and one that relies on so many parameters. The statistics speak for themselves.

The people at Ivy are true professionals and their job is deconstructing your profile and assembling it back into the type of puzzle you can proudly display in best universities around the world. As skilful puzzle makers, the consultant and supporting team first gets to know you (quirks included…), define what makes you unique (which most of us, at the beginning of the process, have no clue…) and patiently assemble piece after piece during this amazing process which results in making a dream come true!

Oren, Aaron, the editing team and supportive consultants – words can’t express the significance of your contribution. Thanks to you, I will be moving to London next year while knowing I had amazing options from which to choose, and underwent the most professional process available out there. Thank you so much and good luck in the future!


LBS, Class of 2013