In one word – thank you.

I came around to the idea of an MBA quite late in the game, right in the middle of the second round, and it seemed as though submitting a winning application was almost a mission impossible… The Ivy team accepted the challenge, and for that I could not thank them more!

Through the entire application process and preparations for the admissions’ interview, I felt the team’s devotion, care and total commitment – I felt as if I was the only client that mattered!

With the deep grasp of the admissions process in every sought after academic institute, and proven experience with many classes – the chart (or the statistics) doesn’t lie.

Obviously, there’s no substitute for working hard and sitting you butt down, but with the help and professional guidance of the entire team – the one and only Professor Assaf Wand, the editors, the Q&A people, the interviewers (the excellent Oren and Itay), all led by the ivy team, the results speak for themselves!

Thank you so much for being there around the clock (New-York time, London and Tel-Aviv) , for the flexibility (Nadia Comaneci style!) and the process’ efficient management

I wish you many more successful classes

And continue to have fun!

And for the applicant reading these lines – you reached the right place and are in the best hands possible. I’d be more than happy to personally go into further detail:


LBS, Class of 2013