I turned to Ivy following a friend’s recommendation, after having worked with a different consulting company and was declined admission into several MBA programs. I could feel the difference between the two companies during every step of the journey, from building a work strategy through writing the essays and preparing for the interviews, there’s simply no comparison. I had Dan’s guidance from the beginning of the process – a consultant that is also a CBS graduate, the same program to which I wanted to apply – mentoring me and connecting me with more students and graduates from the program. When I decided I wanted to apply to Kellogg as well, my advisor, a Kellogg graduate, helped and guided me through it. You provided me with consultants who were also graduates of each one of the universities to which I wanted to apply – Kellogg, CBS and NYU (even though I decided at the end not to apply to NYU), which I believe is something that gave me a huge advantage as an applicant. You guided me through every step of the way, and my success could not have been achieved without you.

Thank you so much,

Eli, Columbia, Class of 2013 (I really wanted to write that at the end of the mail – just to see how it looks…)