In this letter I would like to thank Ivy MBA Consulting, and especially the consultants who accompanied me throughout the long admissions process, Moses and Aaron. After an unsuccessful attempt working with a competitor, I came by chance to Ivy MBA Consulting. At first, I was a little skeptical and sought recommendations from others who had worked with the firm. But after my first meeting with te team, the concerns evaporated completely and I understood that these are very serious people, with a proven track record. They had experienced  the process I was going through, and I knew they would do everything to help me reach my goal..

Over three months, I worked with Ivy MBA Consulting on applications for four great universities and was accepted at two of them (MIT and Chicago). Throughout the entire process, it was clear that my advisers knew the admissions  routine inside and out and were very familiar with the universities. The small tips that come only after many years of intimate familiarity with these schools made the difference between a good application and a great one.

I know Ivy MBA Consulting provided service I would not get from any other company, from the quick response time to any letter I wrote, to the complete professionalism and transparency and, above all, the warm personal relationship. thanks for always being there, at any time, to help resolve any obstacle that popped up on the way (and there were several). You always did it in your pleasant way, with lots of patience and a willingness to listen and suggest improvements. If not for the quick response time and around the clock work on the part of Moses, I would not have attained the results I got.

Thanks also to all the extended Ivy family – especially  Gur and Oren – for the professional walkthrough, the little tips and your unflagging attentiveness. You were with me during the most stressful times, always encouraging and willing to help. When I received the good news, you were the first to rejoice with me. During the process, I met amazing people that I know I will be in contact with in the future. II know I made the right decision when I selected Ivy MBA Consulting. If you are still debating and at this website, you are on the way to making the right choice. 

Good luck to you all, 
February 2010