I would like to share a great experience I had during the work on my MBA application with Ivy MBA Consulting:

Firstly, I want to stress that my GMAT score wasn’t high, and several other companies refused to work on my application. I found Ivy MBA Consulting on the internet search, made contact with them, and they explained me about my real chances to get admitted. From the beginning I had a good feeling that with Ivy MBA Consulting I’ll get admitted, and things indeed worked out and in this coming fall I am going to join Fuqua (Duke) MBA, my top priority!!

Ivy MBA Consulting is based in the US, and I am living in Israel. I was worried about time and distance differences between us, but it turned out to be an advantage. Finishing my work in the evening, most of the times, I had ready answers in the morning. I was surprised about the fast responses from consulting and editing guys.

Another thing I liked about Ivy is my full control over the applications. I always decided how much I wanted Ivy to be involved in each essay. I could easily control my budget. Times when I exceeded the budget, Ivy gave me all the help they could to finish the application the best way.

From my point of view the big advantage of Ivy MBA Consulting is the network of alumni consultants. All my applications were managed by one consultant, but I worked with a specific alumnus of the school I planned to apply. Thus, I always had additional eyes on each essay.

Special thanks  for personal treatment and professionalism. I was happy to work with Ivy MBA Consulting and I truly recommend Ivy MBA Consulting to everyone who wants to get admitted and enjoy the application process.

Please feel free to contact me with questions about the process in general or Ivy MBA Consulting in particular. I am available at – eddieanf@yahoo.com